Customer Experience Associate • Sept, 2015 — Jan, 2017

Provided a friendly and helpful customer experience through customer interactions on phone, email, and chat. Help users understand the most complicated aspects of our investment products as well as basic investment theories and terminology.


Marketing Communications Specialist • May, 2014 — Jul, 2015

Designed and developed new process for better supporting our field users. Streamlined backend communications and developed in-house web application for help desk queuing.


Desktop Service Technician • Dec, 2013 — May, 2014

Assisted desktop service team by solving pain points for our users. Focused on conference systems, remote support Apple computers, and mobile systems.

East Central Florida RC&D

Environmental Communications Operator • Apr, 2012 — Nov, 2013

Enforced city environmental initiatives by educating the public about the laws and helping them conform to city and county codes.

Turnkey Media Solutions

Technical Support • Mar, 2010 — Feb, 2011

Provided a friendly and helpful customer experience through customer interactions on phone and email.


University of Central Florida

Bachelor's Degree, Radio-Television, Digital Media BFA • 2010 — 2014

Earned 99 credits toward a Radio-Television, Digital Media BFA.


Project PowerBar

Project Manager • 2014 — 2015

Comprehensive design of support for our field users. Worked with our regional leaders to build and support systems to empower our users with easy access to support technicians. Traveled two weeks a month to build relationships and collect feedback. Deployed multi year rollout schedule of new technology support infrastructure with high priority on customer service and user experience. Focused on making users feel understood and empowered, not put down and belittled.

Help Desk Ticket System

Project Manager • 2014 — 2015

Deployed a new ticket system and workflow to better serve our users. Users are no longer required to fill out forms or see complicated ticket systems. Users are raving about the new system and support agents have been able to handle more tickets in less time. Our new system also ties into a new FAQ system that allows users to self service and allows support agents to easily build, send, and change documentation to speed up responses. The new system is also currently being rolled out in many other customer facing departments.